Good Delivery Bar

The Eastern standard for trusted physical precious metals investments.

Wealth is shifting at a dizzying pace to the East. Stable governments, advantageous business environments and an explosion in population is driving investment in the region, and precious metals are the very foundation of the turning tide.

The old and outdated standards currently employed in the precious metals industry to ensure quality and combat counterfeits are being eclipsed by better technology and vendor transparency. Physical evidence of purity, public disclosure & provable manufacturing integrity are now the new standards in establishing confidence with consumers.

Made in Singapore

Unlike other bars, the manufacturing of which can be done anywhere in the world, SGDB are produced exclusively in Singapore.

Singapore consistently ranks as the safest places to do business, both in terms of physical security & an extremely low rate of fraud. Penalties for financial crimes are swift & severe, strongly discouraging bad actors from local participation. Limiting bar creation to Singaporean manufacturers ensures the highest possibility of product integrity.


Take the mystery out of verifying a bar's legitimacy.

Using Bevis technology, each Singapore Good Delivery Bar is serialized with a unique, public Asset ID & tamper-evident security seal, forever linking the SGDB with its underlying manufacturing data. These details are published to the blockchain, where they can be independently verified by anyone, any time.

Take it or Leave it

The SGDB is a standard unit of account, simplifying the management of long term precious metals storage.

Allocated or segregated, the Singapore Good Delivery Bar is an easy way to track your property and ensure you always get what you paid for, regardless of the storage facility you choose. Or, take physical delivery and hold it, while making it easy for secondary market buyers to verify the chain of custody & bar authenticity.

Seeing is Believing

Use our web app to get the behind the scenes details
for every SGDB.

Or download the Bevis app for Android or iOS and try it out from your mobile device. Check out production logs, company data, manufacturing location, and what happened to each SGDB.
Use the same tool for many other industry-leading products. Or, go directly to the blockchain and access the raw files, time-stamped & permanently recorded to a decentralized, immutable public network.


  • Although an exact physical size or ratio is not presently required, each SGDB should measure approximately 11.5cm x 5.5cm x 1.5cm, with a specific gravity of 95.329.
  • Contains a guaranteed minimum weight of 1000.00 grams and a maximum weight of not more than 0.1% (1 gram) more than required.
  • Is manufactured using 99.9% fine silver or better, with the source of the raw material identified and made public with Bevis technology.
  • Is marked with the manufacturing authority's brand name, SGDB brand logo, Bevis Asset ID, and guaranteed weight.

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